Features for you

Your KAPPTURES will always be private, because it will be your little remembering book on your mobile and in pictures, sorted in categories which gives you an everyday overview. If you want to inspire others with the things you love, it could be a bag, stilettoes, make up or a restaurant that others must try – you can upload in your public feed and people will be able to locate it.

Whenever you take a KAPPTURE, you will also be able to add it to your wish list. So your KAPPTURES will appear both in the category you choose and in the wish list (wish lists will only appear in categories if you add things to this feature). You can send your wish list to your friends and families to birthdays and Christmas or whenever you want to inform your nearbys with specific wishes. When they tap on the KAPPTURES, they can see where to buy it if you have added the retailer tag.